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Listing Number Location Category Detail Price Down Adj. Net Sales
Fairfield, Connecticut USA *Five-Star Business*
2,200,000 500,000 1,595,011 2,918,572

This easily re-locatable INSTANT WIN PROMOTIONAL PRODUCT COMPANY with very high margins, very low overhead, no payroll, no inventory, huge cash flow, strong results even during these difficult economic times, is a tremendous opportunity. Think its too good to be true, then think again. This exciting 20 year old custom instant win promotional products company has excellent brand awareness and with the right advertising and marketing efforts should produce substantial profits. Sales for the Jan-Sept FYE 2010 are over $2.9 million and the seller's discretionary cash flow is over $1.595 million, which has substantially surpassed the past two prior years. The Company's promotional product line is fun, innovative, unique and has high consumer appeal. Most importantly, it also has a proven track record of creating extraordinary sales results for its clients (many over 100% sales gains), who are blue chip brands from around the world. The Company' s years of product development, R&D, technology, database, low overhead, as well as the Company's brand awareness, gives the business a substantial and sustainable competitive advantage. Because of the Company's technology and know how, the Company is positioned more like a monopoly; which enhances its profit potential. This solid, well established, proven performer is not labor intensive and because overhead is low; it is highly profitable. The business can be located anywhere in the U.S. or overseas and even buyers who have minimal sales experience can excel with this opportunity.

 Most of the current business is conducted by taking orders as a result of bi-monthly email blasts, placing ads in a certain targeted trade magazine and by past clients placing orders. Although most of the current business is done in the beverage industry, there is huge potential in the Company’s products being sold to other consumer packaged goods company’s and advertised in other industry trade magazines. The upside potential is huge !!!


Listing Number Location Category Detail Price Down Adj. Net Sales
Dallas, Texas USA *Lender Pre-Qualified* 
*May Qualify For Visa* *Five-Star Business*
Pet Grooming
300,000 30,000 99,399 350,458

Our professional pet stylists offer a loving, caring, and clean environment. Your pet’s well-being and safety is our passion. Our ISCC educated staff utilizes aromatherapy, calming and behavioral techniques as well as the most up-to-date products. We provide your pet with the most wonderful and peaceful spa experience available with lots of LOVE AND HUGS!

 Our compassion and continued education is why your pets have been “Stepping out in Style" since 1979.


Listing Number Location Category Detail Price Down Adj. Net Sales
Withheld, Indiana USA *Five-Star Business*
Auto General Repair
1,295,000 259,000 408,147 1,552,827
FANTASTIC RECESSION-PROOF BUSINESS, WILL NOT LAST LONG! This well established and highly profitable 9 bay automotive repair business has been providing quality service to Southern Indiana communities for almost 20 years. They provide general automotive repair and maintenance, while specializing in brakes, mufflers and brand name tires. The well maintained 6,000 sq. ft. shop, with 8 lifts, is located on a main thoroughfare with high traffic count and faces little competition. They have ASE Certified Mechanics and Master Technicians on staff and enjoy heavy repeat business due to their exceptional service and reputation. The owner wishes to sell due to demands of other business interest, but will work with a buyer for a smooth and seamless transition. The owners will consider selling the real estate to a qualified buyer.
Business Services

Listing Number Location Category Detail Price Down Adj. Net Sales
Oklahoma USA *Lender Pre-Qualified* 
*Five-Star Business*
550,000 110,000 259,963 362,000

Revenues are generated through sales consulting, testing, training, and executive coaching. Business is a bargain for the right buyer. The company enjoys a high referral rate. Documented selling methodologies used by hundreds of companies. Great opportunity for experienced sales and marketing professionals who are ready for business ownership. Perfect opportunity for a management consulting firm seeking to expand into the sales arena. This business is ready for growth. The company has a track record of delivering sales processes that drive top line revenues. A reputation for helping people to accomplish their dreams. Seller is willing to continue to work in the business after the sale if they are asked to do so.

Listing Number Location Category Detail Price Down Adj. Net Sales
Withheld, Kentucky USA *Five-Star Business*
Equipment Testing
897,500 180,000 279,670 577,586

This technical services company offers infrared thermal inspections, power quality surveys, energy management and electrical system mapping for hospitals, industrial sector businesses and commercial buildings. The business currently operates in 33 states with a team of certified technicians providing onsite consultation and inspection services. Their primary goals are to identify potential electrical fire hazards, extend equipment life and reduce operating costs. In addition to the technical inspections provided, the company maintains a web based data management system. Clients have direct 24/7 online access to data and can generate specific reports for their company's information. The business has consistently been profitable and is positioned for growth over the next three to five years.

Listing Number Location Category Detail Price Down Adj. Net Sales
Hinds, Mississippi USA *Lender Pre-Qualified* 
*Five-Star Business*
Event Planning
325,000 65,000 223,767 734,092

This business is 'THE' corporate event, wedding planning and rental business in central Mississippi. This is an excellent opportunity for the right buyer.


Listing Number Location Category Detail Price Down Adj. Net Sales
Withheld, Virginia USA *Five-Star Business*
Contractor A/C & Heating
135,000 30,000 192,326 689,114
Drastically lowered price!  The company is a professional service business founded in 2002 and managed by its original owner and has enjoyed profitable growth over the last three years.  The business specializes in installing, repairing and maintaining residential heating and air conditioning systems in a metropolitan area of central Virginia.  In addition to the basic install and repair services for heating and air conditioning, they also perform ductwork inspections to evaluate the integrity of these systems and will provide sealing and cleaning when necessary.  They have focused exclusively on the service/replacement aspect of the business, with little emphasis on new construction.  For this reason they did not suffer the dramatic downturn in business due to the recent economic decline.  In addition to working directly with home owners, they provide complete HVAC services to several property management groups through service agreements.   

Listing Number Location Category Detail Price Down Adj. Net Sales
Bexar, Texas USA *Lender Pre-Qualified* 
*Five-Star Business*
Contractor A/C & Heating
1,456,000 436,800 455,430 3,466,247
This Company is a professional service company founded and run by it's original owner for over 48 years. This company specializes in repairing, maintaining and replacing central air conditioning and heating systems, with 90% of the business to be residential and the remainder light commercial. The company's trademark along with the unique logo and distinctive truck design which are copyrighted, are widely recognized by the local market place. Their reputation within the community is one of proven reliability, dependable service and quality products as exemplified by top ratings with the Better Business Bureau and the popular consumer site Angie's List. Not to mention a strong customer base with a growing maintenance agreement department. With a high standard of workmanship and ethics, this company has an excellent relationship with its venders as well as the City Mechanical Building Code Departments. One of this company's strongest assets is its people with the average length of employment to currently be at 10 years. In an industry where turnovers are common place this is a fact they are very proud of. Over the years they have developed a customized a computer program that enables them to continually improve and grow, an example would be a barcoding system to track and control inventory or the ability to create their own marketing lists for newsletters and mailouts. Programs like GPS traking and invoice imaging or document archives are just a few more examples. The system contains a wealth of information for growth and expansion.

Listing Number Location Category Detail Price Down Adj. Net Sales
Withheld, Kentucky USA *Five-Star Business*
Dist-Medical Equipment
595,000 119,000 268,306 780,000

This accredited medical equipment supply company provides oxygen machines, breathing equipment to manage sleep apnea and various other medical supplies to in-home Kentuckiana patients. They deliver and set up equipment, provide replacement components and refill oxygen tanks. The company has grown at a double digit rates for the last three years and continues to grow through their referral system with sleep clinics and other medical providers.

Listing Number Location Category Detail Price Down Adj. Net Sales
Jefferson, Alabama USA *Five-Star Business*
Dist-Specialty Equipment
1,200,000 300,000 310,856 1,620,476

Our Client is an established distributor of specialty products marketed through catalog sales, internet sales, and some retail sales. The current owners are the second generation to own and operate this successful business since its inception in 1963. The Company’s attention to serving customers with quality products and services over the years has built a large customer base of institutions, organizations, and individuals that will provide continued sales for many years. The Company markets its products each year by mailing over 175,000 catalogs to its target customers. The Company maintains a website with all catalog items displayed. These items can be purchased online via a secure checkout system that accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover card transactions. The Company operates out of a leased facility located on a main thoroughfare leading out of the city of Birmingham. The facility is approximately 4,500 sq ft with a product showroom, office space, stock room, and shipping area. The lease is assignable; there are four years left on the lease; and there are two additional five year options. Rent payments are approximately 3% of the annual sales. The Company has a strong history of sales and profits that has built financial stability over its many years of operations. The Company’s balance sheet shows strong cash position that indicates wealth generation for a future owner.


Listing Number Location Category Detail Price Down Adj. Net Sales
Withheld, Arkansas USA *Lender Pre-Qualified* 
*Five-Star Business*
Trade/Vocational School
2,300,000 250,000 568,101 1,195,395

Descriptive Comments: The business was established by the Sellers in 1974. The business is engaged in teaching their students the Art of Barbering and Hair Design. Most students fund their training with assistance from Pell grants and other types of government guaranteed student loans. The business is well organized and functions efficiently whether or not the owners are present. This business is by far the largest organization of its type in the region. The business consistently earns a high percentage of profit based upon sales revenue. The business is in a growth industry that is virtually recession proof. The business offers a strong growth opportunity for a qualified owner. The reputation of this business and its market position is well established. This is a great opportunity for the right buyer or investor.

Environmental Rltd

Listing Number Location Category Detail Price Down Adj. Net Sales
BBN-9001-23186 Dallas, Texas USA *Lender Pre-Qualified* 
*May Qualify For Visa* *Five-Star Business*
Environmental Cleanup
4,000,000 400,000 1,271,000 2,225,000











HOW CAN THE SELLING PRICE BE $4,000,000 AND ONLY COST THE BUYER(S) About: $3,440,342     




                          FOR TANGIBLEFIXED ASSETS AND INTANGIBLE ASSET VALUE CREATES.                                                                                                     


 Calculated FIT Annual Cash Savings as follows:

Annually in Years 1-5 is $58,786

Annually in Years 6-15 is $21,532

Annually in Years 1-40 is $10,000

Total Approximate Cash FIT Savings 

During First 5 Years is $293,930 Plus

During Next 10 Years is $215,320Plus

During Next 25 Years is $52,500





“Before-Tax-Dollars” and Reduced Cash Payment Amounts Paid for FIT Create the Reduced Net Economic Price Paid for the Business Acquired.


Listing Number Location Category Detail Price Down Adj. Net Sales
Davidson, Tennessee USA *Five-Star Business*
Mfg-Auto Accessories
5,000,000 1,300,000 1,328,682 6,593,838
This Company features the most up to date designs in its two lines of Auto and Industrial Engine Parts products. This Company has been producing its original products since the 1940's. The current owner has added additional products and additional product lines to enhance its profitability and give it a steady revenue over its business cycle. The business has averaged over 17% increases in sales over the past three years. They have recently developed an additional line of product that is not yet being marketed and is ready for production for a potential buyer. The current absentee owner has an experienced management team that will be staying after the purchase.

Listing Number Location Category Detail Price Down Adj. Net Sales
Tulsa, Oklahoma USA *Five-Star Business*
275,000 91,666 123,660 320,340

This high margin and profitable business manufactures and distributes products for the commercial dry cleaning and laundry business. Their specialty manufacture of products and processes for the dry cleaning and wet cleaning of leather and suede is the only one of it's kind in the industry. International customer base provides a steady stream of repeat business. Outstanding opportunity for growth. Seller is now passionate about outside interests and looking for the type of buyer that will put new energy into a 37 year family business.

Medical Related Biz

Listing Number Location Category Detail Price Down Adj. Net Sales
Withheld, Kentucky USA *Five-Star Business*
Medical Equipment
995,000 200,000 371,755 1,023,357
This highly profitable accredited medical equipment supply company provides oxygen machines, breathing equipment to manage sleep apnea and various other medical supplies to in-home Kentuckiana patients.  They deliver and set up equipment, provide replacement components and refill oxygen tanks.  The company has grown at double digit rates for the last four years and continues to grow through their referral system with sleep clinics and other medical providers.

Listing Number Location Category Detail Price Down Adj. Net Sales
Saint Clair, Alabama USA *Five-Star Business*
Medical Pharmacy
0 0 657,409 2,118,019

This Company is an established distributor of shelving, office furniture, and fixtures used in pharmacies, hospitals, retail stores, and industrial businesses. In addition to supplying the shelving and fixtures, the Company provides a turn-key service that includes the following: • Design and space planning specialists design the layout of the facility using their AutoCAD systems. • Specification of any and all components needed in the project. • Ordering of the components and staging them in their warehouse for delivery to the work site. • Fabrication of any custom shelving and cabinets needed in the design. • Delivery of the components to the job site. • Installation of all ordered components to the client’s satisfaction using their experienced installation crews. This company is having a good year this year even though the economy is weak. Medical related businesses are still fairing well.

Listing Number Location Category Detail Price Down Adj. Net Sales
Jefferson, Alabama USA *Lender Pre-Qualified* 
*Five-Star Business*
Wholesale Pharmacy
3,300,000 660,000 690,764 4,686,178
This Company is an established stocking distributor of shelving and dispensing products used in the construction of pharmacies, hospitals, and retail stores. In addition to supplying these products, they deliver a turn-key service that designs the layout and gets the products installed at the job site. The company is most experienced in the pharmaceutical industry specializing in the retail, hospital, and long-term care pharmacy market. In recent years, they have expanded into all retail applications for design, sales, and servicing of store fixtures.
Water Related

Listing Number Location Category Detail Price Down Adj. Net Sales
Withheld, New Jersey USA *Lender Pre-Qualified* 
*Five-Star Business*
Water Purification
4,455,000 1,114,500 1,059,305 2,136,900

This company sells, installs, services and maintains water softening and purification systems. It is a reputable 50 plus years’ well established business that has never before been offered for sale. It boasts a strong and steady cash flow with an enormous customer base. It is a turnkey operation that requires no special licensing with minimal training in order to succeed. The company enjoys steady referrals from satisfied customers through word of mouth and no longer requires a lot of expensive advertising for growth. It has a long time experienced knowledgeable staff with potential management. The business shows increasing sales and is positioned for further growth in its present location. It can be easily duplicated in other locations. This company is an excellent candidate for acquisition by someone whom is motivated to easily expand the business or simply maintain the operation as is and enjoy the excellent profits with little effort. It has a great highway location and store frontage; the real estate is also available for purchase by a qualified buyer.

Strong SDCF allows down payment, financing options and compensation package to be flexible.*****THIS BUSINESS IS LENDER PRE QUALIFIED FIVE STAR BUSINESS*****

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