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 Buyer Benefits

Business Brokers Network Affiliate Member Business Brokers provide Business Buyers two separate and distinct approaches to purchasing or acquiring a business. While some Business Buyers are interested in their immediate area only, others are looking nationally for the “Right Business to Purchase.”

Buyer needs fit into one of the following search processes:

  • Professional Business Acquisition Process
  • Assisted Review Process.

Professional Business Acquisition Process

This process is best suited for Qualified:

  • Business Buyers that own an existing business and want to expand into a defined area
  • Business Buyers that previously owned one or more businesses and are currently looking to locate and acquire a similar business or shopping for a specific size or type of business and
  • Corporations and investment groups looking to acquire businesses
  • Business Buyers seeking industry specific opportunities

Affiliate Member Business Brokers represent qualified individuals and corporate buyers. Our Affiliates are trained and knowledgeable about conducting extensive searches locally and nationally for qualified and motivated Business Buyer Clients.

Assisted Review Process

This process is best suited for Qualified:

  • First time Business Buyers seeking to purchase a business and be their own boss
  • Business Owners looking to purchase other businesses as a growth or expansion opportunity

Affiliate Member Business Brokers assist qualified Business Buyers with identifying and reviewing selected businesses currently listed for sale within the BBN Network.

 Why use a BBN Affiliate Member Business Broker?

Our goal is to locate the “Right Business” for Qualified Buyers!

BBN Affiliate Member Business Brokers are:

  • Experienced
  • Knowledgeable
  • Analytical
  • Skilled Negotiators
  • Financing Experts
  • Business Information Resources

Our Affiliate Member Business Brokers qualify all Prospective Business Buyers by obtaining the following:

  • Signed Buyer's Confidentiality and Warranty Agreement
  • Signed Financial Statement
  • Recent employment resume or other background and business experience information

Selected Advantages of the BBN Search Process:

  • Qualified Business Buyers are able to review businesses for sale NATIONWIDE with an Affiliate Member Business Broker located conveniently nearby.
  • Once the Affiliate Member Business Broker is satisfied with the Business Buyer's motivation and qualifications, he/she will continue to locate, discuss and negotiate on behalf of the Buyer Client with Business Owners that appear to meet the Buyer Clients stated criteria.
  • Once a business is located that appears to meet the needs of the Buyer Client, a meeting between the Seller and Buyer Client is scheduled by the Affiliate Member Business Broker.
  • During this phase of the search, the Broker will usually introduce a Buyer Client to an established business acquisition lender, unless the Buyer Client has already arranged a financing source.
  • Unless some form or level of seller financing is requested by the Buyer Client, it is usually unnecessary for the Buyer Client to provide detailed financial information to the Seller.

Buyer Confidentiality

Buyer Confidentiality is protected until a Buyer/Seller meeting. Affiliate Member Business Brokers schedule, coordinate and attend all meetings between the Buyer and Seller. They represent their client throughout all discussions, negotiations and closing.

When Locating the “Right Business” for Qualified Buyers…Training and Experience Counts!

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